Meet the Crew

Meet The Trainer

Growing up with a passion for dogs

K9W Dog Training is all about helping dogs become their best selves, and I’m Andrea – a dog enthusiast with over 20 years of experience and a whole lot of live for dogs. Growing up in Hungary, I was surrounded by my dogs, and by 16, I was even breeding my favorite bred, Caucasian Shepherds.

My skills come from a lifelong companionship with all sorts of dogs, and when I moved to the United States two decades ago, my journey as a dog trainer and human coach continued. I’ve seen how amazing the bond between dogs and their owners can be, and I’m here to help you achieve that harmony too.

Dogs have always been a part of my life’s story, leaving pawprints of joy and loyalty on every page. Each dog I work with holds a special place in my heart, and I can’t wait to share my passion and expertise with you and your best friend. Let’s create a tail-wagging, happy journey together,

Andrea balances her dog skills with the ability to train owners.

Clients praise her patience and ability to show them the ways of working with their dogs to develop the companion they were looking for. Whether a Pet dog, Companion dog or Sports dog, Andrea brings out their best.

Training is her purpose, passion, and joy. “It comes easy and there is nothing I’d rather do every day than help you and your pets” she says….Andrea’s unique skill set enables her to deal with any wide variety of issues you may have with your pet.

The Crew

Certified Advanced Distractors
Ice Cream & Bubba have been with K9W since 2008. They are experts in teaching our students to ignore distractions and to be tolerant of cats.
Certified Tolerance and Confidence Builder
Koa is Andrea’s personal Service dog. She is the best puppy raiser, patient and kind teacher, and buddy to all our guests. She is great at building confidence in our students.